The iPad Air 2 has been out in the market for more than 6 months now but accessories for Apple’s latest tablet seem to be little.  Cases for the iPad Air 2 have been coming out quite slowly, more so for the keyboard cases I’ve been waiting for.

I’ve always wanted my iPad Air 2 to become my portable blogging tool and the first step toward that goal was to find an excellent keyboard at the same time a case that would protect the iPad Air 2 wherever I bring it.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Logitech Type+ in my recent trip to Hong Kong.  The Golden Computer Arcade in Sham Shui Po is one of Hong Kong’s biggest if not the biggest electronics mall, it has everything from computers, tablets, consoles to phones.  I found the Logitech Type+ keyboard in a Logitech store itself.  The keyboard case cost about 95 USD, just a couple of dollars cheaper than what is published on the Logitech website.

I quickly put in my iPad Air 2 and got the Logitech Type+ working in less than a minute.  The iPad Air 2 immediately found the keyboard case via Bluetooth and I was typing immediately.  I must say, I was pretty impressed with the build quality of this keyboard case.  The typing feel is quite comfortable and the size of the keys are just right.

On the outside, the Logitech Type+ looks very sophisticated and complements the iPad Air 2 very well.  The Logitech Type+ is available in Red, Black and Blue.  I got the Black one mainly due to how professional it looked, depending on one’s personality, the Red and Blue models are quite fancy too.

One thing I like about the Logitech Type+ and what I have been looking for in keyboard cases is that, it really is a case protecting both front and back of the iPad Air 2.  The magnets work, the iPad goes to sleep when closed and wakes up when the keyboard case is opened.  The Logitech Type+ uses what Logitech calls the SecureLock system where powerful magnets keep the iPad in place.

The keyboard layout is standard but Logitech added special keys where we usually find the function keys on PC keyboards.  There are buttons for a lot of iOS shortcuts like taking screen shots.

The overall experience was quite pleasant, this is so far one of the best keyboard cases I have used.

I was really very happy on how the keyboard and iPad matched seamlessly.  One thing I noticed though, which is understandable, is that the battery life of the iPad was lessened mainly due to the Bluetooth connectivity having to be on all the time.  Logitech claims that the keyboard battery can last up to 3 months with a daily average use of 2 hours.  That seems pretty accurate since I haven’t charged the keyboard yet since I purchased it 7 weeks ago.

If you would like to use the iPad as a tablet, the keyboard can fold under the iPad so your just back to a regular iPad case.