The operating system running Apple’s wearable device has been updated and released today. Watch OS 2 for the Apple watch has been released after almost a week delay, the updated operating system was supposed to be released to the public last Wednesday but Apple decided to postpone the release due to a bug it found during the test process.

Watch OS 2 is expected to bring out new features in the Apple watch, here are the most notable enhancements with this release:

New Faces:


– Watch OS 2 adds a whole lot of options for your Apple watch background. You can now select from time lapse videos shot over 24 hours in selected cities.

With the new Live photos feature, you’ll see an animation of the before and after of the photo you selected as your background.

You can also select a photo album and every time you raise your wrist to check your watch a different background is selected from your photo album.


Complications are important pieces of information available on the watch face like weather, news or the world clock. With Watch OS 2, apps from the App store can now send their data as complications. So you can check your flight schedules and monitor connected devices at home, these are just some exciting possibilities with the new Complications.

Time Travel:

With the Time Travel feature, you will be able to get a view of what happened yesterday, what’s happening today and tomorrow just by turning the Digital Crown.

Nightstand Mode:


With Nightstand mode, you can leave your watch on its side and totally changes how the Watch buttons function.

Faster and More Powerful Apps:

With Watch OS 2, most of the apps are now native apps, which means the apps run directly on the Watch, not on the iPhone, this makes the Apps load and run faster.