Last week, Apple announced the release of the all new MacBook Pro laptops.  This is very good news for all MacBook Pro aficionados since the last major update to the MacBook Pro line was 4 years ago when the MacBook Pro Retina was released, since then only incremental changes were done.

The new MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter.  The 13-inch model weighs just 3 lb. and is 14.9mm thick, while the 15-inch model weighs just 4 lb. and is 15.5mm thick.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 6.56.27 PM.png

The main new feature of the newest MacBook Pro is what Apple calls the Touch Bar which replaced the function keys on the top portion of the keyboards on standard laptops.  The touch bar changes functionality depending on what app you are currently using.  In line with the touch bar is the touch ID fingerprint sensor which first came out in the iPhone and iPad.  With touch ID, it would now be easier to make secure purchases online using Apple Pay and eliminates the need to type the usual user ID and password.

Touch ID comes to the MacBook

According to Apple, the latest MacBook Pros have up to 130% faster graphics, up to 3.8GHz Turbo Boost processing, up to 100% faster flash storage and up to 10 hours of battery life.

The 2016 MacBook Pro has the best display on a Mac notebook ever, it features a brighter LED backlighting and an increased contrast ratio allows deeper blacks and brighter whites.  This is the first Mac notebook which supports wide color giving more vibrant reds and greens.  With this, photos are more realistic and more vivid.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 7.04.28 PM.png

You can tell that Apple really put effort to the redesign of the Mac, the speakers have also been totally redesigned, giving twice as much dynamic range and up to 58 percent more volume and deeper bass.

The keyboard and trackpad has also been redesigned, the MacBook Pro keyboard is now made up of the second generation butterfly mechanism which Apple says will give greater comfort and responsiveness.  The trackpad on the other hand is now larger allowing easy to do gestures and clicking.

The latest MacBook Pro also comes with Apple’s latest operating system, MacOS.

There are 3 models available in this release:

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The 13-inch, non-Touch Bar model costs $1,499.

The 13-inch, Touch Bar, 256GB model costs $1,799.

The 13-inch, Touch Bar, 512GB model costs $1,999.

The 15-inch, Touch Bar, 256GB model costs $2,399.

The 15-inch, Touch Bar, 512GB model costs $2,799.

All models are available in Silver and Space Gray.