iOS 10 has been updated to iOS 10.2 today.  Though not a major update, there are still some new notable features with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.  Let’s take a look at those new features.

  1. New Emojis – a lot (more than 100) of new emojis come with iOS 10.2 there are clowns, cowboys, arms taking selfies, hands doing fist bumps, new faces and skin tones, new professions including astronauts, chefs, artists, pilots and judges, even food emojis have been added, the list never ends.


2. The new TV App (US only) – the new TV app offers recommendations for the latest movies and TV shows through its “Watch Now” feature while recommendations for the latest new apps and new iTunes releases can be viewed through its “Store” feature.  The TV app also has an “Up Next” feature which allows you to view movies and TV shows which you are watching and be able to continue where you left off.

3. New wallpapers – 3 new wallpapers were added in iOS 10.2, specifically for use with the iPhone 7 and iPhone plus, these wallpapers are Droplet Yellow, Droplet Red and Droplet Blue.


4. New feature in the Camera App – the Camera app now has a “Preserve Settings” feature which allows the Camera app to open with a default setting which you set.  You can set this up by going to Settings-Photos and Camera-Preserve Settings.  This will let you select from 3 settings:

  • Camera Mode – you can preserve the last mode used whether it be video or square photo rather than the Camera App starting with photo mode by default.
  • Photo filter – let’s you set the applied filter by default when you open the Camera App.
  • Live Photo – allows you to preserve the Live Photo setting rather than have it switch back to “On” by default.


5. Press and Hold to Speak – allows you to activate Siri or Voice Control when you press and hold the home button.

6. New Backgrounds for the Messages App – 2 new backgrounds have been added to the messages app, “Celebrate” and “Send with Love”.

To update your iOS device, Go to settings-General-Software Update.