Last Christmas, my wife gave me a 9.7-inch iPad Pro to replace my iPad Air 2.  Here is what I can say so far after using the iPad Pro for a little more than 30 days and after using the iPad Air 2 for almost 2 years.



The response time of the iPad Pro in apps and in usage is quite noticeable compared to the iPad Air 2.  This is where you can really feel the power and speed of the A9X chip.


According to Apple, the iPad Pro is equipped with a Wide Color and True Tone Display, so far, I haven’t noticed these new features, the display seems to be the same as the iPad Air 2.


No changes in the Wi-Fi design in the iPad Pro, so browsing and checking email are exactly the same experience as on the iPad Air 2.

Battery Life

Again, according to Apple, the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 have up to 10 hours battery life surfing the web.  I agree, I am getting almost the same battery life comparing my current iPad Pro and my previous iPad Air 2.



The iPad Pro is capable of shooting 12-megapixel photos compared to the iPad Air 2 which can shoot 8-megapixel photos.  Photo’s in the iPad Pro seem to be sharper and crisper and the camera is more responsive.  Live photos now come to the iPad Pro together with True Tone Flash and Wide color photo capture.


It’s in videos that the iPad Pro excels at, capable of shooting 4K video. So if you’re planning on getting one and shooting 4K video, make sure you get one with at least 128 GB of internal storage, 4K videos are very large because of the ultra high definition.


The iPad Pro doubles the number of speakers on the iPad Air 2, now with 4 speakers.  You’ll notice the 4 speakers specially when playing YouTube videos, you get that feeling of surround sound, also even a low volume setting sometimes seems quite loud, primarily because you have 4 speakers rather than just 2.  You’ll still need an external speaker though if you crave more bass and more definition.  Although for the size of these speakers, sound quality is quite impressive.


Smart Connector

One major change with the iPad Pro is that it now comes with a Smart Connector which is on the side of the iPad.  With the Smart Connector, accessories like keyboards and the Apple Pencil can now be charged by the iPad.