Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference happens next month and it’s expected to announce a refresh across all of it’s Macbook line of laptops.  New versions of the MacBook and MacBook pro are expected to be announced.

The MacBook which was updated last April, 2016 is expected to gain a new processor likely to be in the Kaby Lake family of Intel processors.


The MacBook Pro on the other hand which was released just last year was supposed to incorporate a custom-designed ARM chip that could handle low power features, however the chip may not be ready for the June MacBook refresh.


An interesting rumor circulating is that Apple is planning to refresh the MacBook Air.  The last update on the MacBook Air was way back in March 2015.  News is that Apple is planning to give the MacBook Air a new processor which could potentially lengthen the life of this product for another few years.

The MacBook and MacBook Pro were thought to replace the MacBook Air since both of them are now thinner than the MacBook Air.  The MacBook Air has gained popularity throughout the years mainly due to it’s affordability.


Rumors also suggest that Apple could introduce both a new Siri speaker as a competitor to the Amazon Echo/Echo Dot and Google Home, as well as the long-rumored 10.5-inch iPad Pro in the June 5 keynote.

No rumors or news yet which point to updated iMac or Mac Mini, both of which have not received updates for quite a while now.